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New Orenzo Indoor & Outdoor


Discover the beauty of the vegetal. The Orenzo sculptures will enhance any landscape or interior project. Be amazed at the selections and options offered. 

New Orenzo One of a Kind

Limited Editions

Complete a project with one of Orenzo’s Limited Editions. Pieces that are meticulously crafted by hand.

Metal On Metal

Gold Leaf

Experience the true essence of luxury. Hand applied gold, silver, copper, platinum leafing. An art that is handed down through generations applied to forged iron. A combination that will elevate any interior space.

Tabletop & Decor for the Home

Home Accessories

Precious Packages

Coming soon products


by Soon is the latest entry to Orenzo. A visionary that elevates the cactus to new and stunning heights. Luxe Limited Editions that are show stoppers

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